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  1. Brand story


    Zhejiang Wuyi Kaihao Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, located in the beautiful scenery of China's tourism hundred counties Wuyi County. The company covers an area of more than 32,000 square meters, construction area of over 20,000 square meters, more than 200 employees, including senior technical management staff of more than 30 people; is a research and development, production, sales and after-sales service in one of the modern door industry products manufacturing enterprises

    Kai-ho's brand ZUOFANS products from Germany, learn from the European classical art, the French-style romantic, British dignity, German rigorous, Chinese-style security as a whole, using a unique mosaic process, a unique tamper technology and superior Of the environmental process materials, crafted. Both the security of the security door security features, but also the precious wooden door of the natural texture, outside the steel within the wood, hardness and soft, set the advantages of anti-theft doors and wooden doors in one, to achieve the perfect combination, Brand.

    Door to anti-theft, lock the most important. "ZUOFANS" brand products using super C-class lock and smart lock, anti-theft technology to open the national A-level standard 270 minutes, so that consumers can be assured, peace of mind, peace of mind. In product development, the company has always insisted on the development of generation, the use of generation, reserve generation, so that security upgrades, easy to upgrade, intelligent upgrade.

    ZUOFANS brand products are intended to help customers from the family security, space aesthetics, and functional requirements on the custom to provide a reasonable solution. "ZUOFANS" brand products in the whole process, ZUOFANS from the safety, environmental protection, fashion three points, set history, technology, style, performance, innovation in one. To solve the villas, high-end apartments, as well as hotels, clubs and other architectural space of the door of the door product needs to complete the organic combination of space aesthetics.

    Brand concept/BRAND CONCEPT

    Nowadays, the rapid development of Zou Weisi, has become the armored door industry in the iconic brand. Zou Weisi is no longer a business orientation, but to build a full-speed development platform, from design R & D, sales to the production of managers and front-line staff, all can be self-entrepreneurial attitude, everyone has the opportunity to become masters The real master of the enterprise, with the "big market, big brand, big future, big service" four development core concept, "big brand, precision factory" new development model; use of capital, brand, culture, values and other "achievements Others dream of "the core demands of the point, ignite the enthusiasm of the staff, so that" let the quality of respect for the "big service core development concept of the real landing; from the details of the start, all to meet the needs of customers and employees as the standard, Become a well-known reputation of the people in the brand.


    with the perfection of the process to create a high quality home to enjoy life, with the attitude of self-beyond to pursue excellent quality, zoufans love and art to win respect and trust, with quality that everything.


    zuofans has a professional and efficient operation team, from production to sales, from logistics to after sale, with professional skills, one to one caring service, for your satisfaction, we enjoy it.

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    Enterprise honor and win-win future

    The company has passed many certifications such as quality management system certification, environmental management system certification, enterprise credit AAA certificate, and China Taiping Insurance quality underwriting. We sincerely hope that people of insight join Zofans, sincere cooperation and achieve a win-win situation!

    Master the infinite future!



    freesex 13 14处XX